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Dear PhonecardOnsale Customer, is a leading Prepaid Phonecard shopping site over the Internet. We provide our customers convenient, high quality, and economic service for their telecommunication needs.

In order to help our customers to use our service more efficiently, we would like to share our knowledge and experience. The purpose of this tips is to serve our customer better. If you have any thoughts or comments like to share with other customer, please write to us at

1. Use speed dial keys to speed up dialing process

A lot of telephone sets have 10 speed dial keys that can memorize 10 numbers. You could utilize these speed dial keys to speed up dialing process.
Here is an example:
a) Save 1-800 toll free number into your speed dial key #1;
b) Save your PIN# into speed dial key #2;
c) Save your detination phone numbers into speed dial key #3;
d) Dial #1, wait for prompt for PIN, dial #2, wait for prompt, then dial #3.

2. People can use our Instant Phone Card for their long distance needs:

who often make International calls
College students
Business travelers
Sales representatives
Cell phone users
Information Technology Staff
Tourists visiting the U.S.
Military personnel
Truck drivers

3. Rounding minute(s)

Time rounding is the time unit used by the manufacture to round up your talk time. If you look at your residential phone bill, you will find all end up to minutes. This is caused by rounding. Usually, rounding is in one minute, i.e. if you talk for 23 min and 27 second, it will count as 24 minutes. If you have any concern about rounding for the card you interested, please check manufacture customer serivce.

It will not make big differences if you talk more than 20 minutes. But if you talk less than 5 minutes, you have to watch out. Here is what you can do. Call up customer sevice, ask your card's rounding, use a stop watch to count your time. if it is one minute rounding, don't go over 50 seconds after integer minutes.

4. Silence after you dial

It happens occasionally. This usually happens when system is very busy for reserving bandwidth and routing.

Dont' hold more than 45 seconds if it is silence after you dial your number. If less than 45 seconds, usually customer service will put back the minute you lost.

5. Busy Signal

Usually it happens at big holidays due to high volumn of phone calls. The big company like AT&T and Ameritech (Fortune 500 company) will do better than other companies.

If this is a must call (i.e., for girl/boy friend's birthday), BUY our AT&T International Phonecard! You could also avoid it by scheduling your call at off peak time.

6. Internation/Domestic Calls

Usually each card has good rate for only one country or two.

If you find a very good rate for a specific country, don't use that card for other countries. If there is not rate list for the country for a specific card, that means rate is high. Don't use those card designed for international call to make a domestic call.

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