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Old Vietnam Card

Our Price:$18.95     List Price:$20.00
  • Best for South Asia countries!
  • 35 min to Vietnam, 32 min to Cambodia.
  • 38 min to Laos, 140 min to Phillipines.
  • No Connection Fee!
Customer Service
Access Number
1-800-750-1543 English
Dial Instructions
Dial Access Number
1. When prompted, enter your card number
2. Enter the phone number, including area code or
    011 + country code + city code + tele No.
3. To Place another call press ##
The card expires 2 months after purchase day.
No connection fee. A $0.50 surcharge applies to calls originationg at a payphone. A $1.00 monthly mantainance fee applies after first use. Inception fees and taxes may apply on calls. Advertised minutes are based on one time usage. 1 or 3 minute minimum and increments may apply for all calls.
This card is not intended for emergency use.

Rate Info for Old Vietnam Card:

C Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
Cambodia 0.00 59.2 32
I Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
India 0.00 43.1 44
L Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
Laos 0.00 49.9 38
P Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
Pakistan 0.00 43.1 44
Philippines 0.00 13.5 140
U Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
United States 0.00 5.6 338
V Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
Vietnam 0.00 51.2 37