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Quality Prepaid Phonecards for Domestic and International Calls
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USA Domestic 1.8¢

Canada 1.5¢
Argentina 1.5¢

Brazil 1.8¢

Mexico 2¢

Puerto Rico 1.5¢

China 1.5¢

Taiwan 1.8¢

Hong Kong 1.7¢

Indonesia 3.6¢

India 14.3¢

Japan 2.5¢

Malaysia 3¢

Philippines 14¢

Singapore 1.5¢

South Korea 2.2¢

Vietnam 4.5¢

Denmark 3.6¢

France 2.2¢

Germany 2.2¢

Italy 2.4¢

United Kingdom 4.3¢

Russia 1.9¢

Switzerland 2.2¢

 Other Regions
Australia 2.2¢

New Zealand 3.6¢

Egypt 23.8¢



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Dial Instructions * Easy to Use, One-key SOS, Speaking Keypad
* Bright Flashlight, FM Radio, Speed Dials
* Use Cradle or cable to Charge
* 30 days mobile service include:
  600 minutes talk
  1000 text message
  If you like our service, refill is $15/per 30 days.
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