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USA Domestic 1.8¢

Canada 1.5¢
Argentina 1.5¢

Brazil 1.8¢

Mexico 2¢

Puerto Rico 1.5¢

China 1.5¢

Taiwan 1.8¢

Hong Kong 1.7¢

Indonesia 3.6¢

India 14.3¢

Japan 2.5¢

Malaysia 3¢

Philippines 14¢

Singapore 1.5¢

South Korea 2.2¢

Vietnam 4.5¢

Denmark 3.6¢

France 2.2¢

Germany 2.2¢

Italy 2.4¢

United Kingdom 4.3¢

Russia 1.9¢

Switzerland 2.2¢

 Other Regions
Australia 2.2¢

New Zealand 3.6¢

Egypt 23.8¢



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International Call Back FQAs

What is International Callback?
How to use Callback?
   A) Web Method
   B) Dialing Instructions
How to calculate the Callback Rate?
Does it work for an extension number?

Callback is a Service of
Callback Phone Card

What is International Callback?

International Call Back is a phone service that allows you to make calls FROM & TO any country in the World. Callback Service is the least expensive and most convenient way to make international phone calls if you travel, live, or work outside of the United States or have friends and love ones travel, live, or work outside of the United States who want to talk to you.

How to use Callback?

Step 1: Purchase a Callback phone card.
Step 2: Trigger a call by submitting a request from our website Our system will call back to the callback number you provided.
Step 3: When phone rings, pick up the phone and follow the voice prompt and dialing instructions to dial the destination number you want to call.

A) Web Method

   1) Go to
   2) Fill the Call Back to Country with Country Code
   3) Fill City Code + Phone Number Field
   4) Select Language for voice prompt.
   5) Fill the PIN# with a valid Callback Pin Number.
   6) Select Desired Call Back Schedule
   7) Preview/Submit
   8) Our system will call back to the callback number you provided.

B) Dialing instructions

   To make a call to North America or to the Caribbean:
   Enter: 1 + area code + number + #
   To call other country:
   Enter: 011 + country code + city code + number + #

   To make another call, press # key

How to calculate the Callback Rate?

   Callback Rate Calculator
Calling From 
Calling To 
Your rate  $ per minute

The rate for international callback consisted of 3 parts:

1) Rate for Callback Number
2) Rate for the Destination Number
3) Callback Charge $0.05 per minute

For example:

The caller is in UK and would like to make a call to South Korea:
Callback Rate to UK is $0.043
Rate to South Korea is $0.035
Callback charge $0.05 per minute

The rate for calls from UK to South Korea is $0.128 per minute.

To buy Callback Phone Card , please click here.

Does it work for an extension number?

No. Currently callback function does not work for the callback number with an extension. We will support this function in near future. Please come back to check.

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